Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Dental Care - Oral Medicine - Services


Diagnosis, investigations and medical management of oral lesions and systemic conditions.

  • Routine dental check up
  • Necessary investigations’ are advised to aid in diagnosis and further treatment
  • Biopsies are carried out (incisional, excisonal, FNAC, brush biopsy, punch biopsy)
  • Pulp vitality test are done
  • Neuro sensory evaluation is done
  • Orofacial pain clinic- providing the following services:
    1. Head and neck cancer pain management
    2. Conservative management of temporomandibular joint disorders
    3. Management of odontogenic and non odontogenic orofacial pain
    4. Trigger point injections and nerve blocks for pain management
  • Oral precancerous and cancer screening
  • Intra oral radiographs taken
    1. Intra oral periapical radiographs
    2. Bite wing radiographs
    3. Occlusal radiographs
  • Extraoral radiovisiography using computer
  • For hospitalized patients required dental assistance is provided
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