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Involvement in National Health Programme- NPSP



Involvement in National Health Programme- NPSP

Workshop on“tOPV to bOPV SWITCH” and “IPV Introduction in Karnataka” Held on 30-Mar-2016, DHO Office Tumakuru.

Minutes of Meeting


 The SWITCH tOPV to bOPVis called the SWITCH and will be globally coordinated process. In India National SWITCH day will be on 25-Apr-2016, when bOPV will replace tOPV. All tOPV stocks will be completely withdrawn and destroyed as per the guidelines.

 Cold chain points / Primary Health Centres / Community Health Centres /Urban Health Centres will receive bOPV1 to 2 days before the SWITCH (22-Apr-2016). They will be given a vehicle to push-exchange tOPV with bOPV.

 District vaccines switch team consisting of notified health staff will be formed.

 NATIONAL SWITCH DAY 25-Apr-2016 1. Stop Use of tOPV 2. Remove tOPV from Cold chain 3. Send all tOPV for disposal 4. Begin use of bOPV

 VALIDATION Phase - 25-Apr-2016 to 9-May-2016

1. Completely dispose tOPV

2. Validate tOPV disposal


1. Declare the country tOPV free

2. “IPV Introduction in Karnataka”

 IPV reduces risk of re-introduction of type 2 polio virus.

 IPV should be introduced in routine immunization around the time of tOPV to bOPV SWITCH. Two fractional doses of IPV produces high immunity base fot type 2 polio virus.

 Dosage and Route

1. Two doses – 6 and 14 weeks.

2. INTRADERMALroute in right upper arm.

3. Each dose of 0.1ML using BCG Syringe.

ROLE of Shridevi Institute of Medical Sciences and RH.

 Return all tOPV vials to stockists and Buy bOPV by 24-Apr-2016.

 Start usage of bOPV25-Apr-2016.

 Need of external monitors for validation phase two weeks after introduction of the programme.

Workshop was attended by the following COMMUNITY MEDICINE STAFF

Dr.Sunilkumar (Professor & HOD )

Dr.Vidya.B (Assistant Professor)

Dr.Amruth M (Assistant Professor)

1st NABH Accredited Hospital in Tumakuru

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