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The Inauguration and White Coat Ceremony of the Foundation Course Year 2023-24

White coat ceremony & foundation course for 1st MBBS 2023-24 Batch

From  5.10.203 to 12.10.2023.

The prestigious institution, a momentous occasion unfolded on the first day of the Foundation course. It was a day that marked the dawn of a new era for aspiring medical professionals, where tradition and modernity converged to set the tone for the journey ahead.

The event, graced by an array of distinguished guests, faculty members, and students, was presided over by the venerable Chairman, Dr. Hulinaykar sir. His presence alone was enough to inspire reverence and admiration among all those present. His vision and leadership were symbolic of the institute's commitment to excellence.

Adding further gravitas to the occasion, the Superintendent of Police of Tumkur, Mr. K. V. Ashok, stood as the chief guest. His attendance emphasized the symbiotic relationship between the institution and the community it served. Mr. Ashok's presence served as a reminder that healthcare transcends the walls of the institution and extends into the heart of the community.

The assembly of dignitaries continued with Medical Director, Dr. Raman M. Hulinaykar, whose distinguished career in medicine added luster to the ceremony. Mr. M. S. Patil, the Director of HR and IT, brought an essential perspective to the event, underlining the significance of technology in modern healthcare.

The Principal, Dr. M. L. Harendra Kumar, was a guiding light for the students. He epitomized the values of mentorship and academic excellence, setting a high standard for all to follow.

The Medical Superintendent, Dr. Mohan Kumar K, demonstrated the commitment to the holistic well-being of the students, underscoring the importance of both their physical and mental health.

The institution's leadership was further bolstered by the Vice Principals, Dr. Rekha Gurumurthy (Academics) and Dr. Hemanth Raj (Administration). Their diverse roles illustrated the comprehensive approach the institution took towards education and management.

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