Friday, October 30, 2020
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Overview of the Department:

Human pathology forms the basis for understanding the disease processes and the structural and functional alterations that occur with them. It involves the study of organs, tissues, cells and body fluids to obtain useful information to confirm the clinical diagnosis.

Pathology laboratory and its faculty play a major role in the laboratory services of the teaching hospital. The investigations are essential in establishing the diagnosis of diseases and monitoring the treatment of patients. The department plans to have various academic programs and research activities to achieve academic excellence.


The Department having highly qualified experienced teaching staff. Specially trained non-teaching, technician and nurse. All the branches are equipped with competent staff and latest technology instruments like Distilled water plant, Incubators, Microscope, Slide warmer, Magnetic hirer, Refrigerator, Aqua guard, Electronic balance HB electrophoresis, Electronic Weighing machine, Water Bath, Hot Air Oven, Incubator, Centrifuges etc. The department well equipped with state of the art facilities like Projection Microscope, Overhead projector, LCD Projectors, Dissection Microscope, Computers, Colorimeter and Electric balances.

Our Vision

To transform students into innovative leaders with educational excellence and strong ethical values.

Our Mission

Be the preferred destination for students seeking excellence in education, research and healthcare. Establish and run world class institutions providing diverse programs of relevance and value to the society, supported by the best infrastructure and faculty.

Pioneers in...

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