Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Overview of the Department:

The Forensic Medicine being a branch of Medicine which deal with the Medico legal cases, in which the teachers and students of medical college and/or doctors in general, work in hand with legal practitioners and law keeping authorities. It also deals with the concept of imparting knowledge of Medico legal responsibilities to the treating physician & various problems pertaining to the practice of legal Medicine. The department imparts knowledge on Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic pathology, Anthropology, Forensic Toxicology, etc. The department is vested with a laboratory having adequate microscopes & specimens. Clinical Forensic Medicine services, Medico legal postmortems, Toxicology lab works & court related works also come under the department. The application of Forensic Medicine plays a crucial role in police & crime investigations. The subject is very useful in assisting the Law for investigating in crime like murder, sexual assault, poisoning & in certain natural deaths. With an overall aim to train the medical undergraduates within the national objectives pertaining to Medico legal responsibilities, this department unequivocally makes best attempt to provide the best learning opportunities within its setup & within the required timeframe.


Museum specimens are mounted in glass jars arranged in rows along with flow charts and Catalogues of the specimens are available to the students, which helps in the learning activities of the undergraduate students. The classrooms and seminar are well equipped with LCD projectors and latest audio-visual aids. The Central Library having excellent collection of books on Forensic Medicine.

Our Vision

To transform students into innovative leaders with educational excellence and strong ethical values.

Our Mission

Be the preferred destination for students seeking excellence in education, research and healthcare. Establish and run world class institutions providing diverse programs of relevance and value to the society, supported by the best infrastructure and faculty.

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